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Soft and hard water conditioners for recirculating cooling water systems and biological growth control in cooling towers.

Specialist cooling water treatment products incorporate a variety of multi-functional treatment chemicals for soft and hard water conditions. A 100% organic deposit, liquid scale and corrosion inhibitor is used for open recirculating cooling water systems, air washer systems and evaporative condensers. A polymeric micro biocide has been developed for controlling biological growth in cooling towers, eliminating bacteria, fungi and algae in industrial air washing systems, closed systems and recirculating water systems.

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  • Nar-Shield™ Scale and Corrosion Inhibitor for Cooling Towers
    A unique scale inhibitor for cooling towers and evaporative condensers, Nar-Shield™ cooling tower water treatment solution is extr...
  • Nar-Cide™ Bacteria and Algea Biocide for Cooling Towers
    Nar-Cide™ is a polymeric, catatonic biocide that has been developed developed and produced by Gur Technologies for controlling the grow...
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