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Heat Exchangers are found in many manufacturing facilities, hospitals, hotels and other large facilities. They are very crucial in everyday operations. Heat exchangers are designed to transfer temperature from one form to another. During the transfer, scale, rust, organic deposit, lime and more will be collected by the heat exchanger on its waterside.

After a while, scale deposits containing calcium precipitate from the water streaming through water-handling equipment. These form hard scaling on the equipment's surfaces. The deposits reduce the flow of water in nozzles and pipes, therefore interfering with the heat transfer in thermal systems.


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  • SX-3™ Scale Remover for Boilers
    SX-3™ is a safe heat-exchanger and boiler tube cleaner, liquid acid scale dissolver Developed and produced by Gur Technologies SX-...
  • SX-4™ Closed Loop SystemsTube Cleaner
    SX-4™ is a safe closed system tube cleaner for water evaporators Developed and produced by Gur Technologies LTD. SX-4™&n...
  • SX-5™ Heat-Exchanger-Tubes Cleaner
    Developed and produced by Gur Technologies LTD. SX-5™ is a proffesional Chiller Tube Cleaner. SX-5™ is a new open systems tub...
  • SX-6™ Cooling-Towers & Evapco Units Cleaner
    Developed and produced by Gur Technologies LTD. - the SX-6™ is a unique acid scale inhibitor and calcium scale remover, in dr...
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