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Ice machines can develop lime and scale deposits after periods of continual use. These deposits can form faster if the source of water to the ice machine provides hard water. However, deposits can form even with soft water. Whenever deposit build ups are noticed, the ice machine should be cleaned.

Gur Technologies Nickel Safe Ice Maker Cleaning Solution is a phosphoric/citric food grade, making it safer to use than Hydrochloric Acid & Muriatic Acid. It is formulated to remove sludge and scale sedimentations from devices with tin or nickel-plated evaporators such as dishwashers, ice-making machines, coffee urns, aluminum equipment, hot water kettles, vending equipment, etc.


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  • Ice-Blaster™ Scale and Corrosion Cleaner
    Ice-Blaster™ is a nickel-safe ice machine cleaner and limescale remover. Ice-Blaster™ is  especially formulated phosphor...
  • Ice-Clean™ Ice Machine Scale Cleaner
    Developed and produced by Gur Technologies - Ice-Clean™ is an ice-machine cleaner that can also be used for coffee urns and dishwa...
  • Ice-Sanitizer™ Ice-Machine Sanitizer
    Ice-Sanitizer™ is an Improved performance food grade sanitizer solution with a high concentration developed and produced at Gur Technol...
Results 1 - 3 of 3

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