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Pictures of Coil Cleaning Process

These photos presented below illustrate the cleaning process of domestic air conditioning systems with the use of A. Gur Technologies Gab-Coil for the cleaning process, Clean-Air for disinfecting of the unit coil and Pan-Clean-Tab for keeping drain pan and lines block & odor free and preventing pan overflow.

Pictures of condenser coil cleaning :

The first photos illustrate a plug & polluted a/c coils with great amount of accumulated organic deposits that blocks the air passage through the unit coil causing the significant decrease of the amount of air coming through, decreasing the unit efficiency and increasing the consumption of energy.

As can be notice the condenser coil and drain pan of the a/c has a significant growth of black mold and mildew from the wetness produced on the evaporating coil. The present of the black mold and mildew all around the air passage can increase dramatically the chance for en outburst of the "sick building syndrome".
One can clearly see how a plug & polluted a/c coils consumes much higher amount of power than a clean one, and how it provides much lower output than expected

The Gab-Coil is applied on the coil surface using a professional manual coil sprayer and within minutes after coming in contact with the coil the Gab-Coil forms a thick layer of dense foam. The foam produced deep inside the coil pushes all the contaminations and deposits from deep inside of the coil beds towards the outside.

After the use of Gab-Coil, only standard, low pressure water cleaning is needed.

The Gab-Coil cleaning process will significantly increase the cooling productivity and life span of the unit and will reduce the energy consumption dramatically.

Disinfecting the unit using the Clean-Air and Pan-Clean-Tab will insure high indoor air quality and will prevent outburst of diseases and phenomena's associated with the sick building syndrome created by poor indoor air coming out in the air conditioning process.

Cleaning the Condenser coil with Gab-Coil and disinfecting the unit with the Clean-Air and Pan-Clean-Tab is 100% safe for use on all a/c units and will not cause any damage.

Condenser Coil cleaning process for a split unit domestic air conditioning system

1. A typical domestic a/c unit with a polluted evaporator coils from grease and organic sediments – decreasing unit air flow, unit capacity and reducing indoor air quality.
2. Plug & polluted a/c coil with great amount of accumulated organic deposits that lower the amount of air that pass through the coil, causing the significant decrease of the amount of air coming through the unit. Contamination causes the coil to consume much higher amount of energy than a clean one, and provides much lower output than expected.
3. Bacteria and slime buildup in condensate drain pans of the unit
4. Products recommended to restore unit capacity and preserve high indoor air quality:
5. Pour Gab-Coil solution into a professional manual pressure sprayer (recommended a sprayer with FPM Pro Viton sealing) – Goggles and gloves should be worn when using this product. The system should be shut off.
6. Spray a generous amount of Gab-Coil solution onto dirty coils working from the top to bottom of the coil and allow it to remain in contact with the dirty surfaces for 5-10 minutes.
7. Foaming action commences instantly as solution come in contact with the coil.
8. The "expanding foam action" pushes contamination outward from the center of the coil for easy rinsing away with
9. Foaming action increases - unseeing this method of cleaning, there is no danger of forcing dirt further into the coil as is possible with pressure washing
10. Foaming action comes to end and foam begins to fall off the coil
11. The coil was rinse thoroughly with plenty of clean water
12. All deposits are gone and the coil in now Clean
13. Clean-air is prayed on all surface of the coil to keep it disinfected and prevent future growth of mold and mildew.
14. Pan-Clean-Tab is placed in the proximity the drain outlet, ped side down to keep drain pan and lines block & odor free and prevent pan overflow

Pictures Of Window Air Conditioning Coil Cleaning Process :

Plug & polluted a/c coil - 1
Plug & polluted a/c coil - 2
Gab-Coil starts building foam
Foaming action accelerated
Foam pushes all deposits out
Foaming action at its peak
Coil is clean
All deposits are gone!

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